I am an expert at developing websites and online marketing.

① If you are not online yet, I can help you to CREATE a new site. I will be your best option. We will design the site together, I will set it up for you and I will tutor you so that you can maintain your site yourself!
② If you already have a site, but are not happy with it, I am the right person for you. I can IMPROVE any site. I understand the needs of my clients and I am an expert at getting you MORE visitors and a HIGHER conversion rate.
③ If you have a great site, and you want to launch an ONLINE MARKETING campaign, I am the expert to guide you. I can consult you on what to do or you can leave it all over to me. I can help you to get not only more visitors, but to get you those high quality visitors that will turn into clients!


★ Before starting on a project, I always MEET with my client, face to face, in person (if possible) or by video chat on Skype or Google Hangouts. I find a solid relationship between my client and me very important. And there is a very important quality I´ve acquired over the years: I know how to ask the right questions to my client.

★ After the meeting I make a detailed ESTIMATE on the work that has to be done. This estimate I send to my client and when he/she agrees, I start my work. In this detailed estimate I give the PRICE and TIME.

★ Time is really important for my clients, and I understand that. Normally I finish my projects WITHIN DAYS. Because I am self-employed, I can work on time sensitive tasks during the weekends, at NO extra cost.

★ Clients can pay me by PayPal. If a project is small (less than 500$) the complete payment can be made afterwards. If the project is bigger, I charge 50% up front and 50% after finishing the project.


My normal rate is $70 per hour, but I give a 40% DISCOUNT to new clients that have contacted me before February 28, 2014! So, that is a $28 DISCOUNT per hour! With this discount, my price per hour is only $42.

But that is not all:
✔ The first meeting, in person or by video chat, is ★★FREE.★★.
✔ The estimate is ★★FREE★★ and YOU decide if you accept the estimate. All comunication (emails, videochats, meetings) is INCLUDED in the price!
✔ I will NEVER CHARGE MORE than what I put down on my estimate. And, if the project takes less time, I will lower the total price and you will pay less! I am very transparent about my work and I find it really important to be trustworthy.


You can contact me using the contact page or by:
email: ✉
skype: “Lenny Horstink”
telephone: 0034 625 75 85 33